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Time for a change?

Our Mental Health Goal


Hope is essential for daily living as it keeps us reaching for a better tomorrow. Hope is always having something to look forward to. I attempt to instill hope in every client so that they look forward to finding  the healing which restores their joy in living and in relationships.  Below are some of the ways counseling can accomplish this. 

Developing Support


Going it alone when you are under stress, grieving a loss, or enduring a chronic illness takes a toll. You will find understanding, guidance, pastoral care, and a listening heart at Hope Way Counseling Services.

Individual Therapy

People change in three ways.  They learn to think differently, to behave differently, or are pulled

Life is a constant adjustment to change. People change because they learn to think differently, behave differently or they are pulled into new directions by the power of loving relationships. We can guide  you to and through those changes. 


Couples Therapy

With over fifty percent of marriages failing in our society, couples or marital therapy is often needed and, therefore, an essential part of my practice.   I am a trained Gottman marriage counselor.  I have been married to my wife for 46 years and we have raised three daughters.  (They all married men named Tim.  Hmmm!)


Spiritual Care

Everyone is spiritual. But for some, any spirit will do.  As a Christian, I integrate spiritual principles and beliefs into the healing process as I help people realize inner growth and healing from a relationship with God. I do not impose my beliefs on my clients but allow them to carry on their own particular spiritual journey. I gather my own beliefs from biblical sources and my own walk with God. In addressing existential questions, I seek to help people heal in spirit, soul and body.


Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the two most common mental illnesses in our culture and are treated primarily through medication and behavioral changes.  Although these treatments are both important in addressing these issues, I also teach mindfulness and provide Cognitive Behavioral therapy in which we talk through life's struggles together.  Environmental issues are also important factors to explore in treating mental illness. 

About the Counselor

Ken Nydam M.Div, Th.M, LMSW


Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ken Nydam. I was born and raised in Massachusetts.  I attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I then taught high school for three years.  I left teaching after being led to Christian ministry and attended Calvin Theological Seminary.  I subsequently served as the pastor of four churches--two in Michigan , one in Colorado and one in Massachusetts.  In 2008 I left pastoral ministry after getting my degree at Salem State University in clinical social work.  I worked at Community Mental Health in Cadillac, MI  and Pine Rest Christian Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI until 2015 and currently work part-time in my own agency.  I have an office in Byron Center, MI and an office in Cadillac, MI.  I reside in Cadillac with my wife Judy.